Why Content Needs Context in Order to Survive

There is more content produced and shared on social media everyday than you can sink your teeth into. That means you need to find ways to create meaningful content that grabs attention.

Here are 3 things you must know about content creation based on a presentation at Social Media Week in Toronto by Josh Muirhead, the founder of Socialmark Media, entitled “Content may be king, but without Context – no one will pay attention.”

Be brief, be brilliant, and be gone

The key in creating great content is the meat. Unlike the traditional hamburger model of marketing, where your message was sugarcoated with a tasty bun and an assortment of hearty vegetables, the content you create for social media must waste no time getting to the point. Social media users don’t have the time or the attention span to listen to a long-winded version of your story. We suffer from the need to tell our audience everything, instead of what really matters. So find out what’s important to your audience and just say it. Avoid overwhelming them with too many condiments.

Avoid the curse

Using industry knowledge to generate a following and grow your community is invaluable. But it can also be a curse in social media. Industry terms, jargon and acronyms become second nature to you, but they clutter your content. Think strategically about how to present your knowledge, but create it with your general audience in mind. Remember, they have to grasp whatever it is you’re saying. Try not to assume that everyone knows as much about the topic as you do. Too much information can be a curse on social media if your audience can’t understand or relate to your content.

Mix it up

When we think about content we think of tactics: blog posts, images, podcasts, webinars, ebooks, whitepapers, infographics and others. An important aspect of these platforms is storytelling. In order to create meaningful content for your audience it must strike an emotional cord. So put the notion of sell, sell, sell aside in exchange for tell, tell, tell. Social media is a fantastic place to tell your organization’s story and build loyalty around your brand. Next time you draft a piece of content think about how it relates to your brand’s story and find a way to distinguish yourself as unique.
The sweet is never as sweet without the sour, Muirhead noted. In a landscape where meaningful content is few and far between, the details matter. Be brief, know your audience, and tell your organization’s story. That is how you can create meaningful content.

What tips are you using to create meaningful content? To learn more about creating content for your community, check out this free ebook, Creating Content for a Social Media Community. This post originally appeared on the Radian6 Social Strategy Blog where I contribute to the community engagement team.


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