How to Turn your Employees into Social Media Ambassadors

Jason Cassidy 30 under 30Your employees are vital to the success of your company’s social media strategy. They each have their own brand and unique networks that you can benefit from. Here are five ways to get your employees to market your brand for you, using social media:

Share your vision

Tell your employees how you’re trying to position your brand on social media. Be clear about how they could be supporting that position on their personal profiles. More often than not, they’ll want to help.

Teach them the basics:

Don’t assume that all of your employees know how to use social media, know which channels your company is currently on or how they can help on a daily basis. Host ongoing educational sessions to teach your employees. When something newsworthy happens, write sample messaging for them and ask that they share it on their networks through a companywide email. This will not only enrich their jobs, but make them feel a part of the company’s success. Your goal is to create as many brand advocates as possible.

Encourage Social Media Usage During Work Hours

They’re already using it in their spare time, so why not develop a system that is mutually beneficial? In the restaurant industry, we encourage our employees to take food photos and share them on their personal profiles. We find that it engages them, showcases our new products and gives them a sense of pride about the company they work for.

Incent Participation

This can be as little as repurposing the content they’ve shared on their profiles about your brand. It can be an internal contest, social employee-of-the-month or anything that gives them the credit they want for contributing.

Celebrate Success  

Share social media wins with all employees. Give them the spotlight they deserve and remind others how they can contribute too. Success could be a great photo that’s now featured on the company website or a retweet from an influencer in the space.

You may have a social media specialist at your company, but I promise you, it will be most successful if you can get the entire company behind the initiative. The great companies of the future don’t have social media departments, they are a fully immersed social business. The job of a great social media manager, then, is to educate, inspire and lead the company’s strategy, and that starts with activating your employees.


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